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Why should I join a Pooled Trust?

If you have applied for Medicaid and don’t qualify because you have excess income, surplus income, or have been that told you need to “spend down” because you’re over the income limit, a pooled trust can help. Joining a Pooled Income Trust, also known as Medicaid Pooled Trust, will help you or your loved one become financially eligible to receive government benefits for Medicaid Home Care and services. The Charities Pooled Trust is a type of special needs trust that is designed to shelter surplus income or resources from Medicaid. By depositing your spend down into the trust, you remain/obtain Medicaid eligibility, and then you can use the money in your trust to pay your bills and living expenses.

What can home health aides assist with?

This will vary by agency. Can be anything really. Shopping, cleaning, at home health related daily activities, bathing, feeding etc.

If I am already on Medicaid spenddown, can I get the Pooled Trust?

Actually, this is a VERY big reason to get on the Pooled Trust. Instead of sending all of your surplus directly to Medicaid, or trying to come up with enough bills to meet your spend-down, we take care of it for you!

I pay for bills but they are not in my name. Can those be paid for even though they are not in my name?

Unfortunately not. There are very strict rules within the Medicaid system as to what the money can be used on. Any bills being paid for, even if used by you, that are not in your name cannot be paid.

What do I need to do to get started?

You will need to fill out a beneficiary and joinder agreement, fill out a Medicaid Application if you haven't done so already, and fill out a direct withdraw form. All this can then be sent to us to start the process!

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